A number of American waterfront cities have experienced an intense civic, infrastructural, and urban redevelopment. These transformations address natural and manmade challenges and seek to enhance urban life, improve sustainability, and mitigate potential damage from natural disasters. We began our research by exploring both contemporary planning initiatives and academic studies on the reworking of urban waterfronts. Analysis was done to identify the fundamental challenges arising from environmental changes and natural disasters, with the long term goal of understanding ways in which environmentally susceptible cities may have a more positive relationship with water through infrastructure design.


Research on the topic includes:


On the Waterfront, Exhibit held at the Miami Freedom Tower – showcasing over 200 student design ideas for the seven miles of undeveloped Miami waterfront – Fall 2008

– “The Miami Waterfront” Lecture and paper – Presented at Koc University, Istanbul Turkey – June 2009

Two Cities, Two Urban Waterfronts: Miami and New Orleans – Lecture and paper – Presented at the May 2011 AIA National Convention. Featured Panelists – Allan Shulman, Jacob Brillhart and John Klingman (Tulane University)

On the Waterfront – an 84-page report analyzing Miami’s existing waterfront conditions along with a proposed vision for a continuous promenade and range of experiences to link the City’s disconnected neighborhoods and places. Made possible thanks to a $25K grant from the Miami Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).



Waterfront_For Lizz_Page_01

Cover – On the Waterfront


Miami’s 15 Mile Promenade

Waterfront_For Lizz_Page_07

Aerial View; Connected Parks, Riverwalk and Baywalk Diagram; Proposed Student Solutions (Univ of Miami)

Waterfront_For Lizz_Page_08

Faculty Completion of Student Drawings, Zoomed in Proposal for Brickell (Univ of Miami)

Waterfront_For Lizz_Page_09

Zoomed in Proposals for Downtown and Edgewater (Univ of Miami)

Waterfront_For Lizz_Page_10

Sample of Student Interpretations (Univ of Miami)

Waterfront_For Lizz_Page_11

Overview of Current Baywalk Conditions: identifies public and private land, completed baywalk, and remaining segments

Waterfront_For Lizz_Page_12

Detailed Analysis by Neighborhood

Waterfront_For Lizz_Page_15

The Agenda Ahead: High Priority Analysis


Future Vision for the Riverwalk -Brillhart Architecture