SIZE: 3,000 sf



This residence is located in South Miami, in a neighborhood where many of the lots are overplanted and have significant tree canopy. This project was born out of that – essentially giving the lot back over to the natural world by placing the house along the far edge of the site. This allows the “side yard” to dominate and the house to feel like it’s just a part of a large private garden.

The primary entrance is through a door in the privacy wall, which spans across the entire front of the lot. The entry opens directly on axis with the pool, and the “front porch” and formal door into the main house are only accessed once one passes through this initial threshold and pivots west. By entering the entire project through the garden and not directly into the main house, the design further emphasizes the importance of landscape in South Florida and prioritizes the indoor/outdoor experience.

Natural materials – including wood doors, poured-in-place board form concrete, glass and stucco. The concrete at the base of the house is painted black so that the building reads as light on the land.

A large solar array runs down the center of the roof, which is then bookended by two sculptural walls that shield the solar panels from view.

Front Wall Elevation

Interior Elevation and Entry Door

Main Approach into the Interior from the Street

Site Plan