SIZE: 4500 sf (UNDER AC)



Located on a canal in South Coconut Grove, just 900′ from Bisycane Bay, this site is in Miami’s most extreme flood zone (VE). As a result, this project was about designing for resiliency and sea level rise. It is also a nod to neighboring Stiltsville, a series of elevated residences rising out of Biscayne Bay. The first floor is raised more than 12’ off the ground, perched on a number of galvanized steel pipe columns or “stilts” at varying angles. The area below is otherwise open, except for an enclosed garage and three round storage rooms featuring breakaway walls. Two pools (including a reflecting pool) were also elevated to the height of the first floor, reinforcing the idea that water is ever present.

The house is comprised of two structures: a single story volume that relates to the pool and is designed for entertaining, and a two-story volume that includes the living and sleeping areas. The two structures are connected by a covered breezeway, which also serves as the main point of arrival from the ground floor.

Materiality was also central to the design. The structure is made of board-formed, colored concrete and steel. The steel roof joists have been exposed, with a tongue-and-groove western red cedar ceiling beyond.

The existing coral rock wall that surrounded the entire property was preserved, so as to maintain a sense of history and preserve the character of old Coconut Grove. Many of the existing palms were also saved, so that the living space will feel as if it is nestled within the old canopy of trees.

Ground Floor Plan

First and Second Floor Plans